I used a plastic file box from Office Depot.  Almost any type of box will work, it must have a lid and the box must be opaque because the worms need darkness.
I drilled small holes in the bottom of the box for drainage and in the lid for air.  I also drilled a few holes in the side for more air circulation.
For the bedding, I used moist strips of newpaper.  It is about 6 inches deep.
I added about a cup full of worms and covered them lightly with the bedding. The first 2 nights I left the lights on in the room so they would not craw out of the box.
For food, I have small pieces of egg shells, banana peels, tea, perrpers, carrot peels etc.  The smaller the pieces of food the faster they will compost them.  Some people put their food scraps in the blender.  --We'll see how it goes!
I put small piles of food in each cormer of the box and covered the food with the bedding.  
Bon Apetite!
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Worm bin set up